GIVEAWAY: Pink FitBit Flex (and Extra Wristbands)


Today is the eigth anniversary of my blog being up and running (in some form!).

This year I thought I’d host another giveaway.

I bought my FitBit Flex back in April last year when I was regularly walking to and from work. I would often joke that in my day I would have walked miles up and down the office and probably should keep track of those steps.

It soon became a bit of an addiction – could I beat yesterday’s steps with today’s steps?

Pink Fitbit Flex

Two slate wristbands

Even on the day Jaxon was born and I was pacing up and down the living room it’s funny to see how it changes. We were in Morrison’s for some lunch around 3:30/4ish. Then the big peaks around 7/7:30 was me walking around the hospital. It then drops after that because I was sat in a hospital bed or just pottering around the ward. The big peak at 11pm was when my Fitbit was in Chris’s pocket because I had to remove all my jewellery etc before going to surgery.

Fitbit Tracking 9-7-14

Back in February, I lost my Fitbit. It had been in my pocket when I’d been out and about because it didn’t always register when I was pushing the buggy and it fell out my pocket. Those lovely people at Fitbit replaced it as a goodwill gesture but in between it being lost and them telling me the replacement was on it’s way I’d already been out and bought a Charge HR. So I had a few days of dilemma and then I came to a conclusion. Use the Charge HR and giveaway the Flex. So here we go….

Enter here

(It seems the clever widget thingy hasn’t been working properly! Sorry!)

Just a few notes

  • Prize is a Pink Fitbit Flex along with a large and a small Slate Fitbit Flex wristbands.
  • Although you may be able to get assistance from Fitbit, this giveaway hasn’t got anything to do with Fitbit itself.
  • Open to all.
  • The giveaway opens on the 28th March when this post goes live. It closes at MIDNIGHT GMT on the 11th April.
  • I will announce the winner by the 16th April and will make contact direct with them with regards to delivery address and estimate delivery time.


    • Hannah says:

      You’re right! It gets a bit addictive trying to beat the step count from the day before or just reaching target. When I first got mine I kept doing a little dance when I hit target even if I was in the middle of the supermarket or something like that!

  1. Britt says:

    Happy 8th Blog Birthday Hannah! Eight years is awesome you should be so proud of yourself and all of your hard work! I have enjoyed getting to know you more!

    • Hannah says:

      Hey Britt! Thank you. I am sort of proud but then get all “So what next?” – do I keep writing? Do I change the name? Do I tweak what I do? Do I go back to something I used to do but decided to ditch? Ugh!

    • Hannah says:

      Mine has changed once maybe twice but all my posts are in the same place so I start from that date. Probably isn’t official then but it is for me lol.

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