Our Glamping Adventure – Day Four

Back in September (ish!), I asked Chris to look at accommodation overnight when we were in Norfolk for Becca‘s Wedding. Chris came up with the idea that we’d go glamping in Norfolk. This time it would be in a yurt unlike when we went in the bell tent back in May. Yes. Glamping in November. (And according to the car as I start this post, it’s currently 4C – brr!)

Glamping in November - Our Week in Norfolk

Day Four (Monday)

This morning we started the day at The Green Britain Centre at Swaffham. Chris had discovered that there was a lovely powerful charger there that we could charge the car on really quick. The coffee shop there was Vegan/ Vegetarian-friendly. We didn’t have any good but it was good fun, especially when it came to picking Chris’s coffee. There was four or five different choices of non-cow milk to have in your coffee as well as the usual choices for coffee. I had a Karma Cola which was okay but not as nice as I thought it might be. Chris had a latte with oat milk or something like that.

Before we had our drinks we had been outside to take a look at hte wind turbine. The receptionist had told us that they were expecting a school group and we might want to see the turbine first before they took over! Jaxon was so excited that he could see a wind turbine up close and personal. This was a good fun kind of view – although it was a little nervy standing right under the rotating wind turbine blades! Eek!

There is an option to climb the wind turbine and Jaxon would love it. However he’s too little, maybe we’ll have to go back when he’s a bit older once he’s 7. I will also need to make sure I take my inhalers (if I’m still on them then!) otherwise I won’t be allowed to climb the turbine. Also I think I might have to train for it before I actually do it!

Above one of the shelves there was this lovely crochet bunting. I snapped a picture in the hope that I might be able to give it a bit of a go once I had finished the project I was working on while we were away.

Each sofa in the coffee shop had a lovely crochet blanket of some sort over the top of it. I think I love the one that was over the sofa rather than the chairs but they were all my cup of tea anyway.

As Jaxon had done what could be classed as “adult” activities for most of the weekend. We decided that we would try and find a playground or something similar for him. In the end, we went to Farmer Fred’s Adventure Play Barn at Norfolk Lavender. Jaxon played for about an hour then we decided really we needed to get some food. The limited menu (and lack of gluten free options) meant that we decided to head somewhere else for lunch.

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