Goals For March – Update – How Did It Go?

Okay so I started my Goals for March post exclaiming how fast February went – and then March zoomed past and we’re almost a week into April! So here’s how I did on my goals list for March.

Chalkboard with March written in white chalk along with pink cherry blossom. Search bar in the middle of the image reads "Goals for March"

So this is where the goals come in, just some things that I want to achieve in March.

  • Complete the test crochet for The Pigeon’s Nest

Well, all the squares are made – the challenge I’m currently having is to do with the sleeves. The “made to the pattern” sleeve feels too baggy but the “Hannah’s smaller version” sleeve is too tight around the top of my arm – so that’s going to take some figuring out maybe. And need to take some photos of it… so I’ll be back with them but in the meantime take a look at the #YesYouCardiCan highlight on IG.

  • Catch Up on Reading

So this one went a bit to the wayside as a couple of the authors I really like released new books (And I found other authors that are new favourites too!). In fact, I managed to read 10 books in March.

I was also given a book by my Dad while I was back in the UK (it’s an ARC of Love Radio by Ebony laDelle – he’d won it or something but decided it was more my thing. The tagline on the front is “Tune in for the YA Romance of the Year” – yup add it to the TBR pile!. As the launch is in May, I’m going to attempt to write about it too once I’ve read it).

  • Take Part in #MarchMeetTheMaker

This one went completely to pot – as I expected it would. Why do I think I can do these everyday challenges? I think with more planning I could do it but I’m just not on it enough at the moment. Also #MarchMeetTheMaker is aimed at small businesses/creators so I struggled with some of the more business-related prompts. Maybe I take this year’s prompts and see if I can come up with answers between now and next March or something like that.

  • Plan Blanket

Originally I had drawn up a plan and had ordered the Aria Blanket yarn kit (from Wool Warehouse) for that. However, when I opened the kit and saw the pattern for the Aria Blanket was included I changed my mind. It still fit the criteria of “as colourful as possible”. There would be lots of ends to fit in but it would be worth it.
At present I am one square into Row 4 (and that’s since Saturday). I’ve got a train trip coming up, so I’m hoping I might get some more squares done while I watch the world go by. However as the blanket is “join as you go” I might have to do some creative planning so I’m not trying to juggle the blanket on the train too.

  • Take a Solo Flight

So I classed this trip back to the UK in March as a Solo Flight. I was the only adult and had no children in my care. It was up to me to get myself to the airport and through everything and onto the flight. When we went to sleep, I was a little worried that I’d sleep through the alarm or wake everyone up. So Chris set his alarm too so that he could make sure I was up. I’d done what I could to minimise waking people. It was just time to get some sleep and get myself out of the apartment. I did it. Now where should I go next?