Goodness Me! Yep That’s It

It’s now June and the last time I wrote was back in April. I’d got all these plans how I was going to blog about how Rex is doing and what Jaxon is up to and of course, life gets in the way. So here I am back and blogging about things. I could be here lots, I could be here hardly ever but lets see what happens and go from there. Goodness me!

So what’s been happening. Well like the rest of the country, Jaxon went back to school in March for a few weeks then broke up for Easter within a blink of the eye! We’re now in Term 6 (Summer Term Part 2 basically) And we’re counting down weeks to the Summer Break. I even had an email from the Head with various pieces of information with regards to going back in September and how things like wearing masks will still apply for now as we don’t know what will happen after the 19th July now that restrictions have been extended. 

Rex has just turned 10 months so we’re counting down to his birthday (And Jaxon’s, mustn’t forget Jaxon’s birthday as it comes first before Rex’s!). 

Chris came back for a few weeks in May. That might need a post of it’s own given all that happened during that time. Poor Jaxon was a lot shellshocked and a little nervous especially when Chris arrived wearing his mask – he didn’t quite know what to do and tried to climb into my leg for protection. Rex was really off with Chris for a few days as he just didn’t really know who he was. He warmed to Chris while Chris was here but was still really nervous about me leaving (And even now has been a little upset when I leave – sometimes even leaving the room somedays!)

And now it’s June and we’re looking towards the summer and our adventures – well maybe. Come along and see if we make it to our adventures or have to come up with a plan B!