Grapevine pt 2

I swear people from church feel that they need to know your business – if one more person asks me “Where is Mr J?” “Is Mr J around?” I will actually scream at someone. He is still at Soul
survivor which means I won’t see him till Tuesday.

There’s no one my age from my church (I mean in the sense of 18-25). There’s a member of the youth but he’s like 12 (8 year other than that there’s Mr and Mrs W who are 30ish (8 years more). Also quite a few of the familes have got kids and it’s really hard at the moment. My mum was a parent aged 24 and Grandma had mum at 26. I know there is so much to achieve first but I look around and so many people have got babies or young children.

Anyhoo not the point I miss my family, I have mine and Mr J’s 6/8 man tent (i dont remember) to myself!!! It’s kinda scary!!!

I am now reading a book called Tortured For Christ by Richard Wurmbrand. Ant who comes to RP works for a charity called Release International and they have a stand here at Grapevine. I also was given a book by a man called Brother Andrew from Open Doors International. (links to follow!!!!)

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