Guest Post 6: A Few of My Favourite Things

Okay. I suppose I’ll talk about my current favorite things.

Current Favorite Video Game: Red Faction Guerrilla. I’m watching a walkthrough of it on YouTube, and usually I’d skip through a lot of it and go to cutscenes, but, this game has something other than just fighting… Demolition! In the beginning you have to blow up a building.*or hit it with a sledgehammer*

Current Favorite Anime Show: Afro Samurai. It’s “deliciously violent” and has great music.

Favorite Marvel Comics Hero: Deadpool. He’s insane, and funny.

Favorite DC Comics Hero: Batman. Not Christian Bale’s Batman. Only because I don’t like Bale. Also, I find his “Batman voice” irritating.

Favorite Villain *of all time*: The Joker. He’s insane, and great at what he does!

What does it say about me when two of my favorite comic book people are insane?

And in case anyone who reads my blog was wondering… I’ll give one drawing tip: Practice! Look at the things you’re drawing and do your best.

I have been, and probably will stay for years to come, Evan.
I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks, H.


  1. Angelika says:

    Are you planning to change your name? EVER?

    This Evan guy sounds like he talks a lot…and he’s fascinated by violence. Is it just a boy thing or should his mother be concerned?

  2. Hannah says:

    My brother has a thing for violent videogames but he says its better than going and beating up a real person or pulling a knife on someone on the street – then again the video games stop him getting drunk or similar so I think they can be justified lol.

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