Hannah’s Cozy Home Days: Day One

Good Morning! Well maybe evening by the time you read this. It’s Day One and so the first official full day.

After having a loopy dream about bad guys holding up the local post office and me relaying information to the police via a payphone (That isn’t even there in reality… and my mobile was in my other hand!) I woke up before the alarm. Normally I wake with a “oh my goodness how is it morning already?” sort of attitude but this morning I woke with a really positive one. Probably about all the things I was going to cross off my list (Without going too crazy and then not having anything else to do!)

Having just commented on Twitter about “the list” I thought I might do a little more explanation. I’m definitely a do-er if there’s a problem I want to help with the solutions. Yesterday, two friends posted on social media that they were looking for baby milk (one lives a short bus ride away and the other lives 30-45 minutes by car away). I started by going to our local corner shop and then to the shop near Jaxon’s school in case either had the right milk for the first Mummy. Turns out she needed a specific brand that neither of them had but I’d done my bit in trying to find a solution. Mummy 2 then tried like 3 supermarkets near her and in the end found what she needed but I did say to her that I would send Chris out to the supermarkets near us to look for the right milk if she needed. Getting it there might be more of a challenge but we’d sort something out like maybe meet in the middle or something.

Anyway, so as I said there listening to the news and feeling a bit wobbly and spirally, I grabbed a notepad and started a list. First of all, I worked out when the 12 weeks would be up – it’s not an official deadline and it could still move but at least being there and written down I had a deadline of sorts. I started with the projects I wanted to do – knitting projects and which order, things I needed to fix and keep putting off and other immediate jobs I thought of. It definitely made me feel more in control even if the situation outside my house hasn’t changed.

This morning, while Chris got Jaxon sorted for school, I worked on adding daily and weekly tasks to my list – as well as the one-off project type of goals too.

These are everyday tasks that I (or someone else in my house) gets done, but it felt like by writing them down and crossing them off each day I’d feel like I’d achieved something even if I wasn’t leaving the house to achieve things.

Then there were the bigger projects or things that might take more days (and others that were a few minute jobs but I just needed to do them lol)

So as you can see – some are little jobs and should be done super quickly, others will take longer (like knitting a blanket!).

How did Today go?

So, today’s getting dressed involved me just changing my pyjamas bottoms which then looks like I haven’t got dressed. But honestly, I have sort of! While I don’t really need to leave the house (minus my potter around the garden or short walk around the block), I’m working on catching up on all the washing. So, in theory, all my “going out of the house” clothes will be washing and put away, ready for when I need them. Most days there will be a proper getting dressed even if it’s into a hoodie and jogging bottoms to chill on the sofa while I knit lol.

Following that I got on with putting away the washing, I get it all done then it gets to the bedroom and forms a clean washing mountain that I sort of avoid dealing with until it’s exploding (or I’ve run out of clean underwear because it’s in the clean pile waiting to go away!). Jaxon is almost up to just the uniform he’s in – which will either last him to the end of the week (if the school remains open) or it will come home mucky like yesterday’s trousers did and I’ll be doing *more* washing!

I brought the washing downstairs and go the washing machine and dishwasher running before sitting down with my laptop at the kitchen table and eating my breakfast. I took a FaceTime call from my Mum who was running errands ahead of her and Dad “battening down the hatches” and then a call with a client to formulate a plan of sorts (99% postponed but the 1% is to help if there is stuff I can do from home or to help once the crazy is over). I then booked a FaceTime/Coffee Date with my friend for Friday – between us we are both socially distancing for different reasons but it would be great to catch up.

I worked through various other work tasks but also crossed off 7 of my Projects from the list and added a couple more so will need an updated list by the weekend I think!

If you’re now, self isolating have you written a list of some kind? I’ve heard lots of people call it a bucket list which seems sort of a silly name but if it works for you. Each to their own.