Hannah’s Cozy Home Days: Day Thirty

Hannah's Cozy Home Days - a series all about my adventures while socially distancing during the Coronavirus Pandemic 2020

There’s definitely some serious catching up that might need to happen soon. I keep writing notes of what I want to say and then don’t always get there. I’ll keep trying though, hopefully if I can make it part of the routine instead of tagged on at the end of the day if there’s time will hopefully make it happen properly.

So today is Day 30, it’s the 15th April which means it’s less than two weeks to my birthday – I can’t decide whether counting down to my birthday is in bad taste given the rest of the crazy going on in the world (might need answers on a postcard to that one so we can maintain our social distancing lol!)

This morning, I woke up with a headache and ended up going to curl up in Jaxon’s bed while he was snuggled up in our bed next to Chris playing on his iPad (and Chris was reading the news again lol). Jaxon’s bed isn’t the widest but at least he’s now in a proper single it’s not like when I tried to squash up in his toddler bed for a nap before Christmas! I woke up around 8:30 and needed to get motivated as Chris started working from home at 9 am (ish). I got down to the kitchen and they were mid-breakfast. I sat down with my breakfast in the lounge when Jaxon started his Cosmic Kids Yoga session for today. Sometimes he’s really focused and loves it and other days he messes about. On the whole, he was focusing because he knew I wasn’t feeling very well and I was still eating my breakfast (although once I finished and Chris stuck his head around the door, that was it, his focus was gone!)

Today in our “Academic Time” slot, we learnt about volcanoes and try to label the different parts of the volcanoes. This follows on from yesterday where we had Google Maps up and were trying to find where in the world different volcanoes were. Did you know that from it’s very base to the top, Mauna Loa in Hawaii is actually taller than Everest? Also that Popocatépetl actually recently erupted in January 2020 – okay so that’s what the Twinkl PowerPoint told me but I’ve just gone to check the spelling and apparently it erupted again at the weekend. Volcanoes and Earthquakes were two of my favourite topics when it came to Geography so really have to make sure I don’t get too nerdy about it and carried away!

For “Creative Time”, we carried on making a papier-mâché volcano for a science experiment tomorrow. In the end, I did most of the glueing – Jaxon and I were mid-falling out this morning and he just gave up. He’s going to be doing the painting tomorrow then hopefully we can either do it later in the day or we’ll wait until Saturday or Monday to do the actual experiment (if Chris is helping, I might try and post a video to Instagram. You can find me at @hannahjplans). Hopefully, you can see the in-progress video here.

This afternoon while Jaxon had iPad time and Quiet Time, I got on with some work and then got on with my knitting for today. I’ve been working on Section 14 of the pattern which is colour work which is a first for me. It’s kind of exciting but I am finding that my “yarn around the back” and slip stitches are getting super tight – I’m hoping once I get through this bit it’ll ease up again and then once I block it, it won’t be obvious that it is getting tighter.