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Hannah's Job Search

Here’s the next part of my job search. I was planning to have a lie in till quarter past 10 and then get up and head for town – this kinda worked. Budgens phoned me at 10am asked if I could attend an interview this afternoon – so into the diary it went interview at 3pm.

I get out of bed and get dressed and head for my Interview at Laura Ashley – this was reasonably smooth till I got to town and realised I hadn’t taken my nail varnish off – it wasn’t the same colour and it wasn’t even complete it was very chipped from playing guitar. So I rush to the corner shop opposite Laura Ashley’s which isn’t a corner shop because it’s in the middle of a run of shops lol. They had nail varnish but no cotton balls – I was looking at trying to take my nail varnish off with cotton buds (the things you clean your ears out with) or tissues (I won’t tell you my other options!!!).

So I sit on the brick wall outside Debenhams and at high speed proceed to try and take my nail varnish off. WHY DID I PICK BLACK NAIL VARNISH!!!!!!!! Black nail varnish has this habit of dying your nails so they look an off grey colour lol.

I head cross the road for my interview – was a bit flustered having panicked about the nail varnish but I was good was determined to try and seem as eager as possible. The lady who was interviewing me was running late so I sat admiring light fittings and cushions. Years ago the Royal Mail had a TV advert with the saying “I saw this and thought of you” – I spotted a funky cushion in Laura Ashley and I could see it be very Serena. I would have got it for her Christmas present or ready for her birthday but it was quite a lot for what it was!

After this interview I headed to Mum’s to get the cleaning done, so that the rest of the week is free to do my IT course and cleaning at church. I had lunch with Mum at about 2ish and we watched Heroes from two weeks ago I think. It’s the Six Months Ago episode where the Japanese guy goes back to save Charlie who works in a diner – it was so sweet.

I then went off to interview no 2 – at Budgens. Not a problem I thought lets just get through the interview – that would have been fine but the guy barely spoke any english and so I had to keep asking him to repeat questions and had to keep pausing and really thinking about what he was saying before answering.

Interview 3 was miles better – the lady keep apologising because it was busy in Rymans and so she was trying to serve as well as get ready for my interview. The interview was cool it started as a normal interview and at one point we were talking about Dragon’s Den and then got onto the subject of X Factor – we both just watch the auditions to see who think they can sing.

When it comes down to it interview 3 was soooo much better – it was very friendly and so much more chilled.

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