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Joining with Sar from [Life of Love] and Syndal from Synfully Delicious.

This weekend I… I celebrated my 27th Birthday. It kind of started around Wednesday with Connect Group but there wasn’t really any mention of it but I was leading, on Thursday there was the Scone Roses S’n’B night at The Ship pub.

This weekend I… properly started the birthday celebrations with going to my friend’s concert at Esquires. Verra Cruz, Frühstück and Through Dying Eyes were playing. Through Dying Eyes were up first – they were good but a bit screamy and so not really my cup of tea, but as a band they were together and were good and people in the audience were enjoying it.

Through Dying Eyes at Esquires

This Weekend I… went to a meeting about TEDxBedford, while I was there I was given a present of flowers from Caroline who I met while doing the Free Hugs Flash Mob in Bedford back in March.

Flowers from Caroline

This Weekend I… went to my Mum’s house to open my presents from her, Dad, my brother, his girlfriend and my grandparents. I was given two books from my Grandparents (The Chronicles of Brothers: The Fall of Lucifer and The Chronicles of Brothers: Messiah both by Wendy Alec). My Mum told me a bit later that they’d ordered them from Amazon all by themselves without assistance (in the past my Grandma has given my Mum the money and asked her to order or given me the money to get what I’d like). My Mum and Dad gave me a necklace for me to wear with my posh dress to a wedding we’re going to in the summer. They also gave me some gift vouchers for Monster Yarns – I’m so excited to pick out the yarn that I like but I can’t decide whether to knit myself a jumper or something like that or crochet myself a blanket for our bed (or maybe a blanket for Our Sidekick that he can keep to remind him of our adventures and things like that when he moves away from us one day). From my brother, I was given House Season 7 and a card that saId “To Be Continued”. I haven’t seen any of Season 7 yet as I think it changed channel and I’d forgotten to ask Mum to keep it for me.

Following present unwrapping we all jumped in the car to head to Milton Keynes – I’d kind of guessed that it would either be MK or Cambridge when Mum told me what time dinner was booked and what time we needed to be at her house to leave but other than that I had no idea what we were doing well until my brother said “that’s okay, Hannah can direct me to the theatre”. That was enough to give me the hint. Rich also put me in charge of music on the way. We had Linkin Park and Alanis Morissette.

We had dinner at Bella Italia – one of my favourites – I had Spaghetti Bolognese, for pudding Rich and I shared The Godfather. It’s a chocolate and ice cream sundae (by this point I’m convinced that I’ve had miles over my calorie intake for the day!). Mum asked us what we wanted and Rich and I instantly started quoting The Godfather. (I’ve seen The Godfather before but it was actually You’ve Got Mail that gave me the quotes!)

“Take the gun, leave the cannoli”

“Who did you not know who you were with”

This Weekend I… saw Starlight Express for the first time. Back in blur, my Mum and I went to see Phantom of The Opera at Milton Keynes Theatre. It’s our local receiving theatre for touring productions that we’d normally have to go to the West End to see. While we were there (or possibly from a Marketing email after) we found out about a stage performance of Starlight Express. I’m not sure it would have necessarily been my first choice as I’ve not really heard that many songs from it or really know the story line. As it would happen one of the two songs I knew from the musical had actually been cut from this version of the show as its considered too hard to sing following all the crazy skating.

This Weekend I… went to church, got to meet my friend’s 7 week old baby (and get lots of hugs!) then had dinner with church friends. We also had birthday cake which was good.


    • Hannah says:

      I did have a great weekend – my Saturday seemed to fly by though with all the craziness! How was your birthday?

  1. monsteryarns says:

    Happy Birthday Hannah! I didn’t know how long I had to keep my mouth shut so missed your birthday entirely! Sounds you had a great couple of days, just as you deserve. : )

    • Hannah says:

      Hello! It’s okay don’t worry! The gift vouchers are a perfect present – as I said in my email – I just need to come up with an idea of what I want to make – I think I have a couple of ideas which I don’t think will be too hard – will send them over.

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