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Hello there.

So now it’s January 8th and I’m finally sitting down to write a blog post.

Leading up to Christmas, I was desperately trying to homemade finish Christmas presents.

I had had this great idea that making presents would be really nice. So there were three presents that I was making.

The triangle scarf/shawl for Rachel, the cowl for H1 and the Scarf for H2.

When I finished H1’s cowl, I added one of these gift tags from Stationery Geek. This was great but then when I went back having finished the other projects, I couldn’t find my tags then! Nearly ordered some more.

Then I got carried away and decided that I needed gift tags on the packaging too. I printed off this collage sheet from Mrs Brimbles (as part of her Patreon rewards) and then used some Christmas tags I found on Pinterest and combined them to create something a bit nicer than the sticky labels I had in my Christmas wrapping stash.

When I finished Rachael’s present I tried it on and snapped a picture to share. Another project was finished. On our way to London on the 18th, I worked on project number 3. Yes I was cutting it fine but we were going to make sure it happened. I was knitting at every opportunity possible to make sure the projects were finished. I finished it on Christmas Eve Eve just in time to start any Christmas presents that I received.

Christmas Presents

I received two crafty presents for Christmas. One was some balls of pale yellow DK wool (perfect for all the baby blankets I make!) and then from Mum and Dad I received a knitting kit. (I knew this one was coming as it was purchased from Woolzone at Festiwool in November but I’d asked Mum to hold onto it until Christmas).

The pattern itself is by Drops Design and the wool is Drops Fabel. It’s in sock weight which is thinner than I’m used to but I’d like to give it a go and see what I can do. I attempted to cast it on 3 or 4 times and I still couldn’t get it right. Definitely going to need to take it to knitting group and see if my friend can walk through it with me. Either that or I’ll find another pattern to use the wool with (this might be the option I go with so that I can get started).

Have you got any projects on the go? Did you receive any yarny bits for Christmas?