Having my Hair Done

Recently my blogging skills have been a bit lacking. I’ve had ideas for posts then either written them down and not come back to them, started and not finished them or just forgotten what it was I wanted to write before writing it down in short hand or long hand. In this case I started this Wednesday and now it’s the weekend oops!

Today it’s Wednesday. Once I managed to get Jaxon dropped off at preschool I headed into town.

A lovely apprentice/trainee at Venus Hair and Beauty called Lisa put a call out for models who wouldn’t mind having their hair styled so that she could practice her skills.

I am all for helping out students, trainees or apprentices if they need guinea pigs. However had it been to cut my hair I might have been a bit more hesitant following past experiences but wash and blow dry – nothing could really go wrong could it?

I booked an appointment then when I got to town couldn’t actually remember my appointment time so I was half an hour early. This didn’t phase the team at all. Lisa’s manager (I think) got me all signed in and then took me to the waiting room which was upstairs from the “reception” desk. I was given a consultation card to fill in and was offered a drink. Not only was there tea or coffee but there was juice, water and cola! So plenty of choice!!

Venus (and Jeeves – the barber) share a building on the High Street here in Bedford. On the road it’s just a door way that leads to  hallway and staircase. On the first floor is the barbers bit and then upstairs is the women’s bit.

The “waiting room” was like someone’s living room. It was so cosy and the sofas were super comfortable and with it being upstairs rather than a shop front you don’t have to worry about people starring at you as they go by. There were a range of magazines so I flicked through Hello (I think – it’s my usual hairdresser reading!) then started to write a to do list of what I needed to do in the rest of the day.

I was then called into the “styling” room. Rather than it being one big room, there are two or three smaller rooms each with one chair in so it’s again quite cozy and not crazy busy like a salon can be.

The washing part was really relaxing and I think there was a little head massage thrown in for good measure. It made me feel all relaxed and I probably could have had a little snooze!

My mistake with booking it while Jaxon was at preschool, was that I spent a chunk of time clock watching rather than enjoying the moment and relaxing.

As Lisa blow dried my hair she secured each curl into a pin curl so that it would hold it’s shape while she worked around the rest of my head. As much as I love curls growing up my hair was always too heavy to hold the curls but this time the curls stayed in and my hair was still slightly curly (although heading towards a wave instead) on Thursday morning.

All in all, it was a great job. Part of me wished I had had somewhere to show the hair do off but instead I had to do the preschool run and then we headed home for the afternoon.

Now the next thing to think about is whether to dye my hair and finally suck up the courage to go for pink or purple. (Images below are from Pinterest )