He Worried About Me

This evening was the Carol Service at Renhold Village Hall. The group I sing in led the songs and perform some other ones as well. The kids from the school were awesome! They did really well!

There was one boy who is 8 and can already play the French Horn and the Violin – I was gobsmacked! At 7 or 8 years old, I think I could just about get a few notes out of the recorder! The flute was a little out of my reach at that point! (I didn’t start playing the flute till year 5 so I was 9 I think)

After the carol service we dropped Grandad S home as he came to the service. I went to Mum’s and at about 11ish before I left I checked my phone. There were 5 missed calls and 2 voicemail! It would seem that CJ was worried I’d been in an accident or something. The voicemail went something like this: 

Hello. I’m getting a little bit worried because you haven’t returned my phone call earlier, I know it wasn’t anything important it was the light one. But i haven’t heard from you all afternoon and I couldn’t remember what you said you were going to do this evening. I presume you are out with some friends or something but you’ve not been answering your mobile and you’re obviously  not at home but you had been home as the light was on but i just haven’t heard from you so i’m a little bit concerned. i guess you’ll turn up at some point i’ll start getting worried if you don’t. 

Then literally as he put the phone down from this call he called again. 

and this is me calling to say that i’ve just remembered where you said you were. so i hope the carol service thingy went well and yeah please don’t worry that I’m worried about you because I’ve just remembered where you are.

Now the reason I am documenting such a random occurance is that lots of time I go at CJ for vanishing and not telling me that he’s not going to be home or that it’s going to be later than he said before. So firstly, issues he forgot again but 2. he remembered and worried about me! How sweet!

Anyhoo it’s bed time now. 

At 10am-12pm there is carol singing outside The Jaffa Orchard in Pembroke St, Bedford. Me and CJ will be there singing our socks off. 

Our street has been a hive of activity – there were at least two police cars and a riot van (ok it might not be a riot van but it was a transit with police written all over it lol) and now theres a recovery truck picking up a car.

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