Health Kick

So I’ve been meaning to get on a health kick for weeks now – I eat too much cake and chocolate (Well when I haven’t given up chocolate for Lent).

I’m not a running kind of person but I did try going out with my friend two weeks ago – it was fun and nice to hang out with her for a little while but the running wasn’t so good – every 20 or 30 paces I was having to stop and walk – on one occasion I had to take my inhaler.

After I got back from the practice this evening and had some dinner, Chris and I took a walk to my parents house and back – we also raced a bit – I got to Mum’s and nearly flopped in a heap but my Dad was on hand with his blue inhaler (it’s the same medicine just different design). We also raced back home again – we ran from about 5 or 6 houses down the street to our house – I won and got to the front door first but Chris said he let me win!

I figure once I’m a bit motivated I could get some new trainers – I quite like these ones but I think I’d go and have them properly measured (so I walk/run on the right bit of the sole and things like that).

For now I am going to count steps – I have a green pedometer and here we go.

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