Hi-Speed Post

So technically it’s my lunch break still but I’m about to lose the last ten minutes ish because I am sat back at my computer, I went to the local supermarket and while I was wandering round I listened/watched Carpool by Robert Llewellyn. The episode I was watching had Ruby Wax in it. I also watched the end of the Jo Brand episode.

Some of the language is a little rude but I like the conversation and some of the stuff that Robert and whoever he’s interviewing comes out with. I love the concept of just video-ing the conversation that they are having while they drive somewhere. I think I might have to try out the idea when CJ is back from India. It’s not the same if you talk to yourself! I tried to like brainstorm a blog spot idea by calling the home phone and leaving a message on the answer phone – it was okay but I felt like such a dork I had to delete the answer phone message out of pure humiliation.

I am still working on my monster of a blog post – I keep going back to it but seem to lose motivation to get on with it. How does that work?? I think I prefer the aimlessly rambling type of posts rather than actually planning posts and I’m sure that can’t be good! I discovered a new blog yesterday. The author is called Elly and her blog is Retrograde.

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