House Projects for 2015


Having spent the best part of 2014 being pregnant or caring for a small baby and Chris working 6 days a week at some point, keeping the house on track hasn’t always happened. 2015 is going to be different though and we have a list of house projects that we’re working on over the next few months.

Household Audit
While doing the Marriage Course, we ended up discussing how the house is a state. We’re going to work our way round each room working through each cupboard, nook and cranny and clearing out stuff. This includes all the kitchen cupboards, the pantry and fridge/freezer, bookcases in the living room, the cupboard and the wardrobe in our bedroom. I think I’m also going to include clearing out old paperwork from our filing cabinet and tidying up the filing system. We’re then going to head down to the summerhouse and do a similar job.

Our Sidekick’s Room
This is already on the cards. The upstairs of our house seems to have a damp problem. I think it’s to do with the fact that our house is a glorified concrete block. We seemed to have solved it when we decorated the nursery last year and took the wallpaper off the walls but it’s come back on top of the paint job so we probably need someone to have a proper look at the house. The plan is to strip the wallpaper and repaint Our Sidekick’s room during the Easter Break and go from there.

The Summerhouse
I imagine if we were properly organised this would be stripped and repainted every year or so. We’ve been at our house six years in November and it hasn’t been done since we’ve been there. As the weather gets better we also need to work on replacing the roof. I was supposed to go out there and do a patch up job at least for the time being but between not being great leading up to Christmas and then being sick or the weather being too cold to take Jaxon outside for too long has meant that it’s now March and I’ve not got it done.

The windows in the nursery need a good clean and the nursery full stop needs a good clear out. We have a bunch of clothes for Jaxon that are the next size up, at the moment he’s too small for the clothes but they need to be tidied away rather than just abandoned like they are at the moment.

Our Bedroom
It’s a bit of a dumping ground to a certain degree – it needs a good clearing out. Especially around my side of the room, if things are on the bed they often get dumped on my side and don’t always get dealt with.

Outside Walls
We’ve been looking into external wall insulation as we have solid walls rather than cavity walls. Hopefully it’ll help all round sorting out some of the issues within the house.

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