How rude!

When my iPod arrived I looked at jailbreaking it because I wanted the mail app amongst others that weren’t on it. I added a couple of games and was well chuffed.

I’ve now upgraded to 1.1.3, only to find out that the applications that were supposedly in the upgrade aren’t free. So I have the free version of 1.1.3 but to get Mail etc I need to pay £12.99. However if I was able to I could purchase the US upgrade for $19.99 dollars which according to google is £10 rather than £13 – now ok £3 isn’t a big deal but it’s the middle of the month most people aren’t paid for another 2 ish weeks.

If they make upgrades like this every few months is it going to have worked out better to buy an iPhone from eBay where i would have recieved the upgrades for free.


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  1. Alex Fear says:

    Better yet, don’t buy an iPod at all, get a player that plays ogg vorbis format (open source) free of DRM, not-Mpeg4 format and don’t be locked into Apple products.

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