1. Robert Joy says:


    This winter we didn’t get much snow and we always get it every winter. It’s just so wonderful (well if one doesn’t get to much) Maybe you Brits got our order for this year… Well if that be the case… enjoy.
    I remember back in either late 1967 or early 1968 while I was stationed in Savannah Georgia, USA in the army, it snowed. Savannah got four inches of snow. That was the first time they had that much snow in 94 years. Every kid and maybe every adult went out in that morning and made a snowman. All that snow melted by noon time… Well all of it except the Snowmen. It was just crazy to see it falling in this semi tropical place with palm trees and beaches. Then in November 1968 i got to go to vietnam and participate in the war. It didn’t snow there except with bombs and mortar shells. I prefer this white fluffy cold stuff.
    Your old guy friend from Kansas
    Robert Joy

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