I Missed This One

I didn’t know this but back in April my blog was reviewed by Lisa at Lisa Reviews.

Lisa wrote:

Journal of A Rock Angel is a personal blog that should be checked out.  She has an awesome layout that includes intense colors, but it is enjoyable to look at.  I personally love the three flowers in her header.  They are really pretty, and I think they actually set the tone for the blog.  Sometimes when you read another person’s blog, there is no emotion there.  However, with hers, I can definitely “hear” her voice.  You can easily laugh with her, cry with her, be angry with her, and smile with her.  That is talent you don’t see all the time.  I think she gives us an awesome glimpse into her life.  I almost feel like I am there.  This is blog that is never boring and always interesting to read.  Go check it out!

That’s my blog! She likes my blog and she liked it that much that she took the time to write about it! How awesome is that?!?!?! I am so excited if I could breathe without coughing I would dance round the living room!!!

So I found it because having seen a comment on Twitter by the guy who created CommentLuv I decided that I would Google my blog and see what happened. Yes it’s Friday and I am sat in the usual position reading things from the internet and watching TV and videos over the internet.)

I had about 966 hits. Now I’ve not written that many posts so that can’t be for every post.

A bit further down the list I found a link to The Happy Cactus now I’m no longer on the Blogroll but back in May I was. Maybe I changed or my blog changed and it was no longer liked or maybe my reader’s taste changed – not that I mind I know that my changes over time.

Then I also found that Alex at Abandon All Fear still likes me. You can find me along the side on the blog roll but I have also commented on a lot of posts including this one. This time last year there was a TV show on BBC3 called Singing With The Enemy. Me and CJ used to watch it. This particular episode caught our attention as one of the bands was called Dweeb (they attend Nexus music college in Coventry). I’ve heard them play twice i think now and I think that they rock! 

Both me and CJ talked about the editing and wondered if would be played up that they were “holier than thou”. However it wasn’t – it was very respectful of their faith which was interesting. 

I like what Alex said:

What I found myself watching instead was 4 very earnest and very real Christian lads who came across credible and sincere. They handled the whole situation tactfully, not wanting to compromise their principles whilst at the same time trying not to project their faith onto PW or cause them conform.

Suzy decided she could no longer continue with PW but was quick to point out this was her own decision, that it felt like she was following her destiny and it was completely her own choice. The last part of the program saw Suzy walking towards a church as the BBC explained she was “still following her spiritual path”. There was no brainwashing, evangelising or advantage taking involved- she was not shown to have joined Dweeb or even be taken into their church fellowship.

What else can I find on this list….

Theres Links all over the place

There’s a link to 365 Days of Madness. This is where Shannon is writing about her experiences doing Project 365/HSMSHS.

There’s a link to Paper Kitty she makes these fabulous handmade books. You can find these at her Etsy shop

I’m also mentioned on the list of blogs at this site called Welcome to My World in Photos – the author is called Janmary and she now blogs here.

There are plenty more but if I blog about them all tonight who am I going to write about then!


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  1. Kat at Tough Girl 101 says:

    Oh! Big congrats on a positive review! After all the effort we put into blogging, it’s good to get some positive feedback once in awhile, isn’t it?

    For the record i like your blog too :-p

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