I suck today :(

So I have this friend, and she’s seriously cool – I’d give up everything possible to be at her birthday celebrations next week end.

She wants to go clubbing in sheffield – which ain’t my cuppa but its her birthday so I can get over it for her because I KNOW that what ever I picked (within reason) she’d be there at my side doing it.

Except I suck, I used to be super organised.

I knew when every lecture was and where it was.

I knew the timetable back to front and probably upside down.

If we were lost I knew the way out of the mess.

I can regurgitate useless information till I am blue in the face.

I can tell you lots of info

Except one of the first dates I write in my diary and I still manage to screw up.

So this is the story, this friend is having her birthday on the 27th September – the same day every year for the last 24 years you’d think i’d remember that even though i’ve only know her for 4 of those.

She’s amazing and so understanding about everything but I am a total spazz.

We kinda made semi plans – they weren’t in concrete yet but i got all confused on dates and said yes to singing in a band gig thingy at a church in Cardington.

That wasn’t a problem I was going to travel up on the Saturday morning spend the day and then travel back for the concert it wasnt a problem.

Then yesterday CJ gives me this opportunity and I say yes – after all I’m going up and coming back on Saturday so it shouldn’t be a problem.

CJ wants me to play camera-girlie and do some editing stuff (The youth meeting is a new thing starting this academic year. Friday evening is based on reality so like in a Big Brother kinda stylee we’re going to have a diary room on the way into the meeting)

The original plan was that our friend would be hanging out with her folks that Friday night and so again wasn’t a problem.

However it all got changed this morning so that we (me and two friends) could go up and go clubbing in Sheffield on the Friday then stay over and do stuff Saturday and then me and two friends can drive back to Bedford for me to be at the concert at 6ish and I thought thats okay I can go with the plans still because it doesnt clash except it all does and I have massive dilemmas in front of me.

Now I have no idea what to do – the video thing is cool because i can do filming and editing and add another string to my bow, but I said that I would give LB a lift to Mansfield so now she’s like stranded and can only go up Saturday morning which stuffs up the plans.

I don’t want to let our friend down but then I also don’t want to let CJ down. I am working on a solution but I’m not sure how viable it will be.

I feel all like knotted up inside because I’m being dragged like 4 different directions and as much as I try and straighten stuff out and untangle the knots I get in more of a tangle.

BTW IF you are a Her Space My Space peep I am working on the photographs to catch up as I’ve missed like two weeks – I just need to track down my sheet of the ones I am missing 🙁

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  1. judysteapot says:

    oh Hannah – I’m sure you’ll work things out – these things happen!!

    so to cheer you up when you have time!!
    I have been tagged in which I must write 8 random facts about myself. I tagged your blog so come over and read my 8 random facts and then you get to write 8 random facts about yourself.

    thought after your hetic time you might find this relaxing!! 🙂 take care Judyx

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