Shortest Job I’ve Ever Held


I think today I held the shortest job I’ve ever had. I went for till training at 2pm and was sacked at 4:45 – it wasn’t even my fault!!!

The guy who did my interview was a bit slow on the uptake anyway. I explained that I was doing an IT course and that I can’t do weekends really as I do alot of youth work especially Sundays because of church commitments. He obviously paid no attention what so ever as firstly he puts me down for all of Sunday morning, I checked my diary and I was already booked to do 11-1 at College tomorrow for my IT Course. I asked were the shifts set or did they rotate. Well that was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak. He said I couldn’t “keep” the job and so that was it. The shortest job I’ve ever held.

I am now at home having phoned both Rymans and Laura Ashley where I had other interviews last week.  Both have turned me down.  I feel so rubbish.

Thankfully the handy thing about being in this shared house meant that when a friend arrive they were able to give me a hug.

It will definitely take something to beat this shortest job ever!

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