I walked!!!!

I am a right lazy butt if I can drive somewhere I usually do but I was good today I decided I was going to town and that I’d walk and I did it in 15 minutes and listening to four songs on my iPod.

I think I saw LilyChouChou. I didn’t mean to ignore her but it didnt click who it was till I’d walked past and my brain had kicked in.

I’m on the bus now to my Mum’s house I have to keep looking up so I dont miss the stop. (knowing my luck I’ll end up at tesco or back in town because of missing the stop!

The bus driver nearly threw me through the window. I got up to give off the bus and he started to pull off again then realised and slammed on the brakes. No wonder I have a thing about not using public transport unless I really need to.

Yes I am that slightly butty girl at the back of the bus dancing along to ‘N Sync!

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