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Those lovely people at FuelMyBlog have done it again, I was offered a new iPad case in return for a review of IdealCases new iPhone app. There was a little hiccup as I no longer have an iPhone but I still have my iPad so I was able to use the iPhone app on there.

Installation was nice and easy – head to the App store and install as usual. The link on the website currently doesn’t work but it’s straight forward to find it in the App Store.

I’m not sure if it’s the app or the fact it’s on my iPad (rather than an iPhone) but there is an extra bar on the left hand side which does block some of the display and menu but the app is still useable.


The menu is easy to navigate, the app could do with a grammatical edit as there are quite a few capitals missing or gained in the middle of sentences.

When it comes to device choices there are nine main brands/devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod, Kindle, Samsung, Google, Blackberry, Nook and HTC) again there is a lack of continuity between being a brand (HTC/Samsung) and an indvidual product (iPhone/iPad). On the first screen it would probably have been better to narrow by brand then on the next screen narrow by prodcut for example Apple ->  iPad -> iPad Mini. Again there are no capitals on quite a few names other than this (which I guess is a personal preference in a way but I think it would look more professional with the capitals).

It was really easy to choose my product from here, on the next screen I was given a choice of case (matte black/matte white). With other products such as the iPhone 4/4S there were more choices such as a wallet case, gloss white or black, and tough white/black).

Having decided on my case I hit the done button which took me back to the start menu with my choices filled in. The next screen gives you the options to choose your photo for your own case.

It was easy enough to choose from my iPad’s photo gallery or to take a picture with the camera however connecting to three party sites such as Flickr or Instagram was a real struggle when I hit back after looking in my photo library I found that the screen had turned from portrait to landscape but the frame had stayed in place and cut off the rest of the display (as below), it’s possible this is because of it being an iPad rather than an iPhone however it still would probably put me off.

When I designed my case however the app didn’t misbehave and I was able to follow the instructions and options to create my iPad case.


Following placing my order I received an email to confirm the order had been placed, I also received another email to let me know that the order had been despatched (This was the following day). The case arrived on Saturday which was three days after placing the order and two after the confirmation of shipping – All in all it was a quite service. This was on the normal first class mail option rather than paying extra for a next day service which is available.

The packaging was good and wasn’t too bulky so it still fitted through the letterbox with the normal mail. There were clear instructions that the case is a snug fit but I did fit that it was really snug and I needed Chris to help me to fit it in the end as I was reluctant to force it in case I damaged either the case or my iPad. My previous case had a cover that folded round in front of the screen whereas this case just covers the back. I am concerned that the lack of protection on the front could be a problem but overall I love the product – especially as it has a photo that I took (of flowers that I received for my birthday!)

All in all the premise of the app is good, I do think it needs tweaking and refining but does definitely make it quicker and easier to order a personalised case, if they  start doing Samsung Galaxy S4 I’d definitely be interested in ordering one for that too.


  • Easy to follow
  • Easy to place order with or without an IdealCases account.
  • Easy to choose pictures from the gallery or take one with camera
  • Possible to add text
  • Ordered within 20-30 minutes, arrived within three days – faster service available


  • Grammar!
  • Hints (good idea but a little irritating)
  • Really hard to link to third party sites for other photos.

This is a sponsored post and for full disclosure purposes, I received a new iPad case from IdealCases in return for a review of their new iPhone app. Courtesy of FuelMyBlog.

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