So Mr J wanted to go and look at harnesses (and I wanted to look at the skater shops) at Xcape in Milton Keynes.

We’re now at Ikea and although I do love it to bits. We always seem to spend more money than we mean to – it wasn’t so much of a problem at no 90 but now we have our own bills and things like that to think about.

Apparently I’m in charge of the finances but Mr J is in charge of design lol.

Anyhoo Soul Survivor starts on Monday which is muchos exciting but I have to drive the car down – that me on my own for three hours!!! I can listen to Ken Bruce on Radio Two or Jo Whiley (except I think she’s on holiday as well lol) on Radio One. However I might create some mix discs for the way down. Any suggestions????

I’m now sat on a pallet waiting for Mr J to catch up.

Anyhoo I am going to post this before my phone decided it doesn’t want to co-operate.

Han over and out!

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