It’s kinda random but I think it’s cool

Ok so I love reading blogs – I blame it on the fact that my Mum is so nosey and so it must be hereditary. So what you do is pick a blog and read a couple of their posts you then pick someone who commented on Blog 1 and read some posts on their blog. (As I go along ones I like I add to my RSS reader). This was todays trail:

Innocent Charms Chats

Sophie Honeysuckle’s English Decor


Corners of my Mind

and so it goes on – I could be here all day hopping from one blog to the next. It’s cool because it’s a way to read blogs that you might not normally come across.

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  1. KARA SPENCER says:

    oh bless, thanks so much, Sophie is the coolest she is my little sweet english rose buddy, I am off to check out other 2 blogs though.
    Yours is really pretty lucky with the hubby being able to design, I read in July you were having trouble with Job front, found one yet ?

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