I’ve got Mail!!!!!

So on Monday I managed to intercept the postman before leaving for Soul Survivor, There was a letter for me from Merlinda – This is what I had in there
Merlinda - Swap-Bot

Then today I nipped home at lunch and there was a Letter from KnittyCat at the Plurkette Hencircle and a Postcard from JenniWhit2 who is also from Swap-Bot.

I then got home from work and I found a brown envelope on the stairs. It had my address on it but there was no stamps etc. I turned it over so that I could see who it was from and there was this really cool drawing on the back. (Let me explain – I love kids art – even when its an unrecgonisable scribble!!! Kids draw and they don’t care that the heads are massive or the arms are squiffy they just draw for the love of it)
My Drawing from Pootle's Son

I then opened the package and took a photo of this…..
Pootle 1

I then had to run and stick the envelope on the Fridge so that I can see it (actually I just realised it’s on the Freezer not the Fridge lol)

Then I opened the green tissue paper and this is what I found….
Pootle 2

A Morsbag made of funky blue fabric (which apparently was a bed sheet – or pillow cases or something so it was recycled) and a Lovely troll!!!! I love the trolls with mad hair!!!!!

I also found three funky gel pens theres pink red and yellow-y gold.

As I write this post I am watching Maestro and I am so tempted to go and get out my Flute and have a play.


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