Jaxon’s Trip to Legoland

Legoland Windsor

A couple of weeks ago we were offered tickets to Legoland by Chris’s Auntie and her housemate that appeared in the paper that they read. We figured that if we selected particular date ranges then Our Sidekick could come too given that school would be over following his exams and he wouldn’t start college until September. So for the price of one adult all four of us could go. In the end it turned out that Our Sidekick’s Introduction/Induction day at college clashed with the trip – he said that we could still go.

At the end of June, Chris, Jaxon and I got in the road for a day at Legoland. It was the day before the hottest day off the year so far and I was melting by the time we snapped this picture outside the gate. Last time I was outside that gate Concorde flew over. That was the last time I went to Legoland. 

We started with Lego Star Wars section. A friend of ours told us that even if we couldn’t do the rides we should make sure we saw all the “galleries”. I really liked the Star Wars ones given the amount of different scenes from the movies they had depicted. 

We pottered round the park. Chris had a go on a couple of rides although it was a challenge to find the ones that had a low enough height restriction that Jaxon could have a go. 

At lunch we had pasta and pizza. It turns out that Legoland is now owned by Tussaud’s Group who also own Alton Towers so Chris said although it was a little more money we should eat there because they had gluten free items on the menu. Part of our park ticket gave us a “Kids eat free” voucher so although we did have baby food with us we figured we could try Jason on the pizza and pasta as well as some salad bits. Well he loved it all. I think given the choice he would have just pizza (wouldn’t we all?). 

Chris discovered that the Legoland app lets you sort the rides bu height restriction, this meant we could focus on doing the rides that Jaxon could do. 

Following lunch we did Miniland and some of the rides. My phone had ran out of battery by that point so I ended up taking lots of pictures on Chris’s phone. 

Lego Rugby - Miniland

Jaxon loved being able to see the fish through the glass bottom of the submarine ride however at one point the shark turned directly to look into the sub and Jaxon got a little freaked out. 

All in all we enjoyed the day out. Had we been paying for our tickets I think I would have waited for Jaxon to be a bit older so that he could have enjoyed more rides and things but we had a lovely time all the same. 

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