Juno and The Adventures

So I haven’t been writing for ages I feel like I’ve been off the planet or something. Well I have kinda. Kewey texted me on Friday and said that she was coming to Bedford on Saturday if it was ok for her to stay with me.

That was AWESOME!!!!!!! Me and Mum had this plan about her coming to help tidy up so that Chris would be all chuffed when he got home from York (He was doing the visuals at a youth event at the Minster.) I woke up at 11am ish – not good as I was supposed to be at the gym at 10!!!! ISSUES!!!!!

Me and Mum had a chat Saturday morning on the phone about her coming to help and it would be cool that the living room was clear for when Kewey arrived so that she had somewhere to sleep without feeling like she was in a bomb site or something. So me and Mum tidied up – the living room and kitchen looked absolutely awesome it was sooooo tidy!!!! I then made lunch so I had scrambled eggs with beans on toast – it was great minus the semi glacial eggs as I didn’t guess the times very well.

About 6/7ish Kewey arrived here and I was pinging off the walls!!! It was like I had been on Skittles all afternoon!!!!!! We then went to my Mum’s via the supermarket so that we could get some flowers – Kewey wanted to say thank you to my Mum for helping with the tidying. Kewey is soooo cool she has such a generous soul – she really likes to make the effort to say thank you or to make people feel cared for – does that make sense?

We then went over to Buckden to meet Laura and Andrew and we went to the pub which was cool.

So today is Tuesday, I’ve had two really bad days at work. Kewey bought me a pair of socks with guitars on them and an organic t-shirt as a present to bring a smile to my face – which it really did it also got me all choked up that Kewey would do that for me. I was quite mean to her and Chris a little later and I felt so bad. I’d had a really bad day and something that Chris said was the straw that broke the camels back. I didn’t have a proper shout but I just wanted to go cry and ignore the world and just get it out. I got to the top of the stairs and Kewey had followed me up the stairs – she grabbed me and gave me a hug – it was like a shut up hug but it was what I needed.

I then went downstairs and I apologised to Chris and to Kewey. We then made tea all together which was really cool.

So today wasn’t as bad as yesterday but I still struggled – I really feel like I don’t belong there. They put an advert for a replacement in
the paper and the weekend and I found out myself by flicking through the paper and then having an apology after. I then spent all day answering the phone to people who were applying for the role.


Today wasn’t as bad – it sucked a little up until about lunchtime – I really did consider just leaving and not coming back – after all I’m kinda just feeling a gap at the moment. My line manager gave me this little project to do around answering the phone tomorrow so i’m really looking forward to it.

I got a text earlier from Mrs Mow Mow inviting me and Kewey to the cinema. It was sooo cool. We went to see Juno. It was really cool. I would sit and write more but I have like 5 minutes to finish this post and check the format before Chris asks for his laptop back. So lovelies, ta ta for now, see you soon.

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