LE2JOG: Day Eight

Lands End to John O'Groats

So it Saturday, this time last week we were at the end of the world just outside Land’s End staying at a cottage called Trevorrian Farmhouse. I’m now sat in Urban Coffee Company in Church St, Birmingham getting ready to head to my last overnight stop before heading home tomorrow. Although I’ve been to Birmingham before I’ve never actually stopped to have a drink here. Last time I was in Birmingham was for the Birmingham Vintage Fair (there is another Vintage Fair this weekend take a look here and I was helping Rickie so had no chance to see the sights lol.

I did try to get to the Bullring for a wander round but the traffic was horrendous and I kept getting lost – I was not happy. I couldn’t cope with the busy-ness in the middle of the city – I know that city driving is always a bit crazy anyway but normally I can deal with it – I guess with the disturbed sleep I’d been having all week I’d not really got my head around the driving. I met the lovely Hannah who works in Urban – she has some epic tattoos which are very cool. I was at the front of the queue and I dropped my bottle of water by mistake. We both made funny eek noises – I picked up the water from the floor and she made a comment like “I thought it was your iPad!” I was like thank heavens and all the angels that it wasn’t otherwise Chris would be kicking my butt into next week!

While I was sat in Urban, I could see the Twitter feed in the corner and my tweet went up on the screen – I did get rather excited about this (What a geek!). Following my drink in Urban I headed off to Ian and Sally-Jayne’s, I was literally round the corner at the supermarket and Chris called asking me to collect him from Sutton Coldfield Train Station as that’s where his ride for today finished. I managed to find the station but only after getting rather lost!

We then headed to Ian and Sally-Jayne’s, they were so welcoming and lovely. Tea was awesome – Ian did chicken in a white cheesy (I think) sauce with pasta and had garlic bread next to it – it was so yummy! While he was cooking and chatting to Chris, me and Sally-Jayne watched Strictly Come Dancing then after dinner we all watched Doctor Who together.

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