LE2JOG: Day One

Lands End to John O'Groats

Well technically it isn’t day 1 as we don’t officially start till tomorrow however so I guess really it could be Day Zero anyway it is the first whole day of the trip (or at least the bit that I’m here for). We started of from Bedford at about 10pm the idea being that we’d drive through the night, nap along the way and then miss the traffic to get here for morning.

Well that did all work but it was a little uncomfortable napping in the car. We pulled over at a services near Oxford for a proper sleep, I switched sides with Chris so had to contend with the steering wheel sharing a bed with me. That was rather uncomfy, I even tried sleeping in like a kneeling position with my head on the back of the chair where the head rest would have normally been, after about 30-45 minutes of sitting there creating a to do list in my head and thinking over what I was doing over the next few days and things like that I was fed up and decided that while i was so wide awake driving might be the best option even if Chris curled up on the passenger side and slept. Then again he was curled up in the most epic position – I kinda wish that I’d have had the camera to hand. Curling up in the backseat wasn’t even an option as the backseat full of kit, I couldn’t do what I did at Imagine a few years ago (see here).

Our car decided to protest and around this time the clutch started playing up. We stopped at a car park near St Michael’s Mount just outside Penzance and had a look at the car. Chris called our friend in Bedford who is a mechanic by trade to see if he could walk us through the problem and see if it was something simple that could be fixed at the side of the road or by finding a small part like a fuse or spark plug, or if it was something big. Well yes it was something big, it was going to be a proper mechanic job. (The idea even crossed our friend’s mind that he’d drive organise a temporary car for us, drive down here with it and swap it for our car that he’d then drive back to Bedford. Woah! That’s like an 8 to 10 hour trip before you’ve even turned round to head home again. It floored me!) He said that we would need to try and get a garage to take a look at it really before driving too much further. We found a garage who might have been able to do it but because it was relating to the clutch it wasn’t their area of expertise and they couldn’t really make an exception however the guy at the garage had a contact who could do the replacement but it was going to have to wait until Monday as he wouldn’t be able to get the parts.

Okay so I was a little disappointed I’d got half plans to do the tourist/history thing around the local area and then catch up for lunch then potter around Newquay and some other bits before meeting Chris at our next stop for dinner and the night. Instead I am going to be hanging around Penzance for tomorrow while the mechanic man works on the car – I think if I meet him tomorrow when he collects our car from the first garage I’ll explain the situation and that I’d gratefully appreciate it, if it could be done sooner rather than later and that I understand he’s busy and probably has other cars to be looking at tomorrow.

So I’d like some suggestions of things to do in Penzance other than drink coffee at cute coffee shops like The Green Bean Coffee Co. and resist the urge to sing Gilbert and Sullivan songs at the the top of my lungs.

For the stressful, energetic half of the trip read Chris’s posts here.

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