LE2JOG: Day Ten

Lands End to John O'Groats

I came home on Sunday but my FIL took over being Chris’s support team for LE2JOG so we are going to have some guest posts from him this week and maybe next too! Be nice!

Monday. Guest blog, Peter.
Made instant porridge in room, then visited bike shop up street, where we found Chris’ clicking noise was probably his pedal, not his bearings. chris set off, and I set about repacking the car to put the stuff we’d need most on top. That done, set off to lunch stop telling satnav fastest route. By the time I realised it was taking me to Derby, not due N to Ashbourne, I was well on the way. Reprogrammed for shortest route, which it then did! Rarely have I been down so many obscure roads in such a short space of time. Yes, I even clocked some with grass up the middle! Net result, Chris got to lunch stop well ahead of me. After some serious confusion about location, we did meet, and enjoyed a cold lunch. Chris headed off, and I headed straight to next campsite, booked in, and got tents up, etc. Chris rang and got directions, but missed a turn, so probably did about an extra mile (uphill, of course) before turning round. Had a lesson in alfresco cooking before we turned in at 9pm. V. early for me!

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