Learning a New Skill with Bidvine

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A few weeks ago, a particular newsletter that arrives in my inbox on an almost weekly basis appeared there. I flicked through it on my phone as I do most weeks and spotted that this organisation, is currently advertising a new job for a Communications Assistant. I printed off the job description and specification to at first see if I had the right skillset. At that point, I wasn’t sure I would apply it was more out of nosiness than anything else! Cue a couple of random crazy conversations and my application went in at the weekend (Eek!). Now to make sure I have an interview outfit and figure out if I need a haircut!

Anyway, what’s this got to do with Bidvine? Well here’s the thing, two of the skills on the specification filled with nerves – could I do them? Could I learn enough now and then as I go along to complete the job? Maybe I need training from another person rather than just a “teach myself” kind of job. This is where Bidvine could come in.

What do Bidvine offer?

Bidvine is an online platform that is designed to help you find the right service provider to suit your specific needs. Maybe you need a cleaner to help with those household chores that never get done or maybe it’s learning that musical instrument you’ve wanted to try. You enter a couple of details to make your requirements clear and Bidvine then matches you with trusted, local professionals who can help you out. The professionals will then come back to you and you can figure out a plan from there.

The website is really easy to follow. Just enter the service that you need in the first search box followed by your postcode. You answer a couple more questions to narrow down the information. For example the time of the lesson or your skill level. Send off your information and await the responses.

Think of it as a little black book for those services you need…

This post was written in collaboration with bidvine.com