Likes: The Urban Bag (and Our Trip To Paris!)

In 6 weeks I’m 24 and in 8 weeks ish I am going to Paris – Yes I am just a bit excited!!!

I’m am my mothers daughter and even though it’s 8 weeks away I’ve already thought about what I’m taking with me and things like that. Yup phrase book and guide book are somewhere near the top – I’ve been to Paris once before and that was on a school trip so wasn’t really fending for myself or anything like that.

When it comes to clothes I’ve decided that I should be able to go with pretty much the minimum lol. It’s an overnight trip (train Sat am then train back Sun pm) so it’s not like I need to take lots of outfits with me I just need to plan (which is why I am thinking about it now – 8 weeks early).

We’re due to be going out for dinner on the Saturday evening so I need something smart for that, other than that I would just need a spare shirt and bits and pieces for Sunday.

I have a big camping rucksack and a suitcase but I don’t have anything really kinda travel size – I want something that I can use during the day while sightseeing etc but something big enough to fit my stuff in.

I was looking on Etsy for other bits (mainly browsing to add items to my wish list before my birthday lol) then I found this fab bag. I messaged the shop owner and she said that she can fit a couple of outfits in and use it as a day bag – awesome! She says she can also fit her laptop in – well that’s a good start maybe I can get rid of my laptop case (I have a chunky rucksack one like this) and then use this bag as a laptop bag after the Paris Trip.

Then again if I get it before the end of April I might be able to use it as a trial run at the Leaders Conference – when I went last year I would try and carry my bible and a notebook but then would have to carry a my bottle of water separate so a day bag would be good. (good idea!)

This bag is created by Pam who runs the Fantella shop on Etsy. She makes them in lots of different colours so if you have a request chat to her she’s lovely and friendly 🙂 She asked my silly questions so she must be cool!


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