Little Makes – 22nd January 

I’m excited for Little Makes – this is a new linkie that I came across at the beginning of January. It’s joining with Jemma at Thimble and Twig and Fee at One of Each.

Little Makes

Granny Stripe Blanket

When I joined in with Little Makes back at the beginning of January, I was counting down the days until the Attic24 Moorland CAL started, however after attempting it four or five times I surrendered in the end and decided that the Granny Stripe Blanket was a better idea for now.

Granny stripe colour schemeI think this rainbow blanket is going to be for Jaxon’s bed – I just need to decide whether to make it the right size for his current toddler bed or make it for a single bed that he might move into once he’s a bit older.
Colour scheme plan in my Crochet BibleMy Crochet Bible from Stationery Geek is coming in extra handy this time. However, because the wool is all from my stash I don’t entirely know where I got each different colour from. Little Makes - Granny Square Blanket In Progress 1 Little Makes - Granny Square Blanket In Progress 2

It’s quite relaxing to do as it’s simply back and forward but I did realise that some bits aren’t quite right. Thankfully you can’t see them unless you practically have your nose right next to it!

Journalling about Rome

This week has also seen me catch up with my Journalling especially writing about Rome last weekend. I’m still working on it but getting there, all the bits are now stuck in and just need text adding around them.

Journalling about Rome and our adventure

Toddler Baking

This time I actually have something that Jaxon joined in with. Our neighbour gave us a brownie kit they came in a glass bottle with all the ingredients ready to go, you just add egg, milk and butter. Having spent the weekend trying to restore order to the house, using up the kit was on the cards. Following dinner today, Jaxon, Chris and I set about making the brownies. Some of this involved sitting on the floor and working together.



    • Hannah says:

      Thanks for stopping by Beth. Give it a go, there are so many videos out there now on YouTube to learn from. Try Bella Coco for instance. Make sure they are teaching UK terms though otherwise you might get muddled.

    • Hannah says:

      Knitting is lovely too. Just sometimes seems to take more concentration for me so just grabbing my crochet and doing the next bit is that bit easier! The brownies were lovely and I even delivered some of the brownies back to the neighbour so she could see what they are like. I love that our neighbours on both side are so lovely. Thanks for stopping by to comment ?

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