Lockdown Projects: Macrame

Back in March, when Lockdown 1.0 was declared, I wrote a list of projects I would attempt to get done. One that was added as the list/lockdown went along was to try Macrame. It’s one of those things we’ve discussed at knitting group and some of our ladies have tried but it’s something that I don’t think I’d ever tried previously.

When an opportunity to work with Rope Source came up it was the perfect time to give it a go. Rope Source are a company based in the UK supplying ropes, twines, cordage and other associated products. They aim to provide the best quality rope. twine and cord products at the most competitive prices. They predominantly source from UK Rope and Twine Manufacturers and suppliers. (Basically if it’s string/rope/twine/cord, they probably do it or do something close enough!).

I choose two spools of Everlasto 4mm Cotton Macrame Cord (here). They stock over 30 different colours so trying to decide which to go with was a challenge! In the end, I choose Eton Blue and Navy.

Eton Blue Macrame Cord

When they arrived, I headed off to Pinterest to find a tutorial to create something. In the end, I settled on a keyring to try first with the intention I would come back to a bigger project another day. After raiding the different sets of keys around the house to find a split ring that would do the job, I sat down and got started. Using a cow hitch knot (here) to secure the cord to the ring, I was then able to start. Most of the “knots” used in Macrame are actually similar to those used for friendship bracelets – so that wasn’t too hard to refresh my memory!

Starting a Macrame Keyring
Finished Macrame Keyring

I used this tutorial from The Pretty Life Girls to create my keyring. Now either because I was using two colours or because I’d not quite got the technique correct, my keyring has ended up twisting more than in the example pictures on the tutorial – I guess it’s something that may come with practice. But even so, I love the keyring and it’s something I’ve made, so now I can add it to my house keys or my car keys and it’ll make it easier to find them when they are lurking in the bottom of my bag! I think if I make any more I’ll be sure to get some lobster clasp keyrings to add so they are easier to add to keys or zip pulls etc.

In exchange for this post, I received 2 x 50m Retail Spools of Everlasto 4mm Coloured Cotton Macrame Cord. All opinions are my own.