When it comes to starting a business, business identity and brand is very important. Think about big businesses, they have identifiable logos and fonts that you automatically recognise. From where I sit there’s a Diet Coke bottle, my Kikki K Planner and an Amazon package. They all have those identifiable logos.
When Mum and I decided that we were going to have a stall at the Woodside Christmas Fayre, we got our crochet hooks and knitting needles out to get creative. But something we were also going to need would be a logo to identify ourselves. I started on Canva as I often use that for a lot of graphic design bits but when Logojoy was introduced to me, I thought I’d give it a go.
Logojoy is a logo maker that uses artificial intelligence, so it feels like you’re working with a real designer and the results are amazing. Our free, easy-to-use online logo maker helps you create an amazing logo in seconds. No design experience necessasary.
I heard about Logojoy and decided to give it a go instead of using Canva this time. It was excited to give it a go. As well as see if I could create something a little more professional looking than my Canva attempts.
I had a quick play from my iPhone and although it did work I decided that I really needed to work through the designing process at the computer rather than from my phone.

C & H Designs

To start with you enter your company name. When the next screen loads you’re asked to look at a selection of logos that you like. THis can be from something really simple or something more complex.


On the next screen you choose a colour scheme, I choose Teal for C & H Designs. For this blog I would pick something green, yellow or blue based. You can then edit your company name and add a slogan if you’d like to. In both of my examples, I didn’t have a slogan to add – it’s great that this is optional.

Following this you are given the option to pick up to 5 symbols that represent your brand. For C & H Designs, I selected knitting and crochet related ones.

After this screen, the Logojoy system joins all these steps together to create some suggestions for you to take a look at.

Logojoy LogojoyAt this point you can then adapt the name and slogan, colour scheme and icons. After you’ve made your edits and your happy with your final product you can choose download package. At one end you have the basic package that covers a low-resolution logo all the way up to the Enterprise version which has all the bells and whistles. You can find out all about it here.

As part of this review, I was given a premium package. This gave me the high resolution logo and Vector EPS and SVG files amongst other things. Within this bundle, I received the light and dark versions of the logo. Along with this package there is also a brand guide to show you which fonts and colours are used in your logo. That way you can extend the brand identity as you need to.

C & H Designs - Light C & H Designs - Dark

In our case, once I’d downloaded the logo files, I got creative with my Silhouette Portrait. I made them into stickers to use on our price labels. As you can see once you have the files they are flexible for your needs which is great.

Printing Stickers

Overall, it’s really quick and easy to use Logojoy to create a logo for your business, blog or something else. With the flexibility of the files times in the Premium package you would be able to use them on your website or social media accounts or if you needed to have your logo printed onto a t-shirt for instance.

Disclosure: I was invited to review the Logojoy website but all opinions are my own. For additional information about Logojoy you can visit their website here.