Love Bomb (11th Nov)

Hey Everyone – It’s Thursday so it’s Love Bomb Day 🙂 Please take the time to comment on Cassie’s Blog – here’s the intro from Lauren 🙂 (It was Lauren’s birthday this week so if you have chance leave her a comment too or tweet her @laurenlankford.

Hey team!

Today we are dropping a Love Bomb on one of our own: Cassie!

Cassie was suggested to us by another team member, Catherine. This is what Catherine had to say:

“I’ve gone to school with Cassie since Kindergarten and she has always been shy. While we’ve gone to different colleges, we’ve tried to keep each other updated as much as possible through email and blogs. She’s the one who introduced me to the Love Bomb project. This afternoon she got a call that her grandmother passed away. Also, she just had a huge argument with a girl who has acted like her friend for the past year and just turned around and stabbed her in the back a week ago. Cassie is normally a very optimistic person but lately she’s been having trouble being positive in her life in general. Could you guys please help remind her that there are amazing people out there who might not know her but they care about her?”

Oh, my heart. In Cassie’s blog post she talks a little bit more about how quickly she gets taken back to her insecurities and hurts caused by friends in middle school. It can be so easy to see how painful things like cancer, losing someone, or physical injury are, yet we often forget to comfort one another in the internal pain we ourselves have all experienced from poor friends and our younger years.

This week must be so hard for Cassie, doubling up both types of pain.

Please join me in reminding Cassie that she is loved and valued, and that she’s not the only shy girl who has struggled with hurt, betrayal and feeling left out – and comforting her as her grandmother just passed away yesterday.

You can leave a comment on her blog post here:

Time to drop a Love Bomb, team!


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