MacBook and Tonsilitis

Yes in the same week I got something good and something not so good. On Monday I went to see Mamma Mia with some girlies from church (Mrs W was supposed to come but Essie wouldn’t feed properly so she had to cancel – we have planned to watch it on DVD when it comes out and dance round the living room)Anyhoo so we went to see the film which was seriously cool and very funny!!! Julie Walters is hilarious (Walters – she’s in Billy Elliott as the dance teacher but she’s not as funny in that because its a different type of film – I think she’s great along side Celia Imrie and Victoria Wood in things like Acorn Antiques and Dinnerladies(i think!)Anyway we throughly enjoyed it.Fast forward to Tuesday evening – I was feeling a little bit rough and had a sore throat but thought that was just over enthusiatic singing at Mamma Mia (yes I sang along to the songs lol) I took some paracetamol and went to bed, thought I’d shake it and I’d be fine in the morning. I wasn’tI got up Wednesday morning – I had swollen glands and a block up ear. When I went to bed I had gained another swollen gland in the back of my neck. I got up this morning and on my left hand side at the bottom of my skull it had started to swell. I went to work and decided I’d ask Aunty Ali what she thought. She made some silly comment and made me laugh so I texted Mum and she suggested that I should go to the Doc’s. I phoned the Doctor and they didn’t have any spare appointments to see my normal Doctor until next week but I could see the Prescribing Nurse.She told me I had small tonsils even though they are inflammed. So she put me on Penicillin (or Phenyloxymethylpenicillin!) to help clear it up.So there’s a plan – up dated!   

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