March 24: Currently…

For the last couple of days my blog has been having a hiccup. Thankfully it’s been fixed and we are back up and running. Chris (my IT Whizzkid) was able to do what he could to get it fixed and here it is!

The Good Wife (Season 3)
Grey’s Anatomy (Season 10)
The Runaway Bride

Bloom by Kelle Hampton
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Worship music or the Frozen Soundtrack.

Baby blanket is still in progress but it is getting there. I’ve been sewing the squares together while crocheting some more. I currently have a 5 by 7 blanket.

A bit more in one place rather than all over the place but still the tiniest things make me bawl my eyes out.

Adventures and the layout of the nursery, the new dividing wall goes up on Thursday and I’ve been looking at paint cards to give Chris some idea what I’d like. (And working out how many shifts I have less – I’ve got that it’s 1 Saturday and I think 6 lates hehe)

The snuggly fleece blanket that I can curl up under on the sofa. Haven’t done much napping recently but it makes me relax when I need to.>


  1. Jocelyn Rish says:

    That’s so cool that you’re making a baby blanket. I am pretty useless in the textiles department. I’ve done some cross-stitching in the past, but nothing extensive. Hope the planning of the nursery goes well!

    • Hannah says:

      Hello!! Thanks for the comment. The planning has stalled a little bit but I think when the stud wall goes up tomorrow my inspiration will hopefully return. Been looking at paint colours at the moment, quite like one called Pixie Green it’s a bit lighter than grass green. My other idea is to go with sky blue and then a darker blue on one wall (I wanted to add glow in the dark stars but I’m not sure Chris agreed with me!!)

  2. Tina Downey says:

    Hi Hannah!
    Glad you got your blog fixed. I know less than nothing about wordpress blogs. Blogger has it’s own hiccups, but since google is trying to take over the world, I think I’m going to let them and tag along…
    Congrats on the coming baby! How exciting. I crochet a baby blanket for my first one (who turned 17 EGADS! yesterday) and gave myself carpal tunnel syndrome. I also made one for my second (who is 14). Then I broke my wrist to smithereens and it’s now fused and I can’t crochet, at all, mechanically. So I took up knitting and have made like 30+ baby blankets all in the same pattern. I know it by heart and it makes great shower gifts.
    So are you doing the A-Z? Just wondering because I don’t see the badge…
    I love the format of this post and may just have to steal it for an upcoming one…meanwhile I’m drowning in emails and co-host work.
    All the best to you,
    Tina @ Life is Good
    A to Z Team @ Blogging From A to Z April Challenge 2014

    • Hannah says:

      I used to be on Blogger – I think it was my first platform then Chris told me about WordPress and I ended up moving first to their hosted version then to self hosted. I tweak the design and he helps with all the background stuff.

      Thank you. Happy Birthday to your first born. It’s my friend’s birthday today and my Dad’s birthday at the weekend (as well as Mother’s Day here in the UK).

      My Mum broke her hand a few years back and struggled at first but got crochet hooks with wider handles so it’s almost like holding a pen rather than a hook – if that makes sense. She’s on a crazy knitting run making cardigans and booties. I’m thinking baby will have to come home from the hospital in a Grandma knitted creation.

      I am doing the A-Z. I had meant to post the badge but in the broken blogness I hadn’t got that far. I’ll make sure it’s on before the challenge starts next week. 🙂

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