March 3: Currently….


Currently… image from rukristin

The Good Wife (Season 1 and 5) – 5 started a couple of weeks ago on the TV and although I’d heard of it, I’d never actually seen any episodes so having watched a couple of Season 5 episodes I went back to the beginning.
How I Met Your Mother (Final Season!!) – Our Sidekick and I have been watching the episodes as close to transmission as we can to make sure we don’t miss anything!!

Still reading Ink Heart by Cornelia Funke. I was given it for Christmas but hadn’t got any further than 5 or 6 chapters.

The Lion King Soundtrack (deluxe – it has songs from the stage show as well as the films)
Les Miserables Soundtrack (Original London Cast)

Working on Our Sidekick’s blanket so that it’s all finished so I can work on my baby blanket and two commissions that I’ve been asked to do.

Weary but okay. I’m sort of struggling to sleep. I struggle to get to sleep then when I am asleep I sometimes wake up in the night either completely wide awake and usually bolt awake rather than dozy and not with it. In the last week I’ve had leg cramps too so have been even more awake!!

Where to go from here….my blog is 7 at the end of March. Where should I go from here? Also planning things like “Would I like a baby shower?” and “Should I plan it myself?”

My Frühstück CD that has been in the car for almost a year. I saw them play at Esquires back in April 2013. Rock and loud!! Educating Blueberry while I can!


  1. Rickie says:

    Good Wife is my second fave thing to come on TV in recent years, 2nd to The Newsroom which is the best thing since West Wing. Good Wife is my current ‘one thing on TV a week that I put my laptop down for’. Although I’m at least 2 behind!

    • Hannah says:

      I started watching The Newsroom given that it’s written by Aaron Sorkin who wrote The West Wing and The American President. I definitely watched the first half of the first season but my Mum had been recording it for me on her TV but I’m not sure Series Link kicked back in again. My friend has the whole season on DVD so I think I’m in the queue to borrow it! The Good Wife: I watched the latest episode of Season 5 that was on More4 this week and Chris was pretty much glued to it – did have to explain what was going on and things like that but that was okay – it’s funny to find something that he’s actually glued to!

  2. Rickie says:

    You have got to get back on the Newsroom!! There will be only one more series. Very much like West Wing. It’s the one thing Tim & I 100% agree on, we can’t bare to miss a word of it!

    • Hannah says:

      I will most definitely. Keep meaning to start from the beginning on The West Wing too. Might aim to start in May when Our Sidekick turns 15 and can watch all the episodes.

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