March 31: Currently…

The Good Wife (Season 3 – it’s on Netflix and I’m working my way through – almost at the end of Season 3!)
Rev (Season 3)
Grey’s Anatomy (Season 10 – finally seen the wedding!!)
Wreck It Ralph

Bloom by Kelle Hampton (almost half way through – I struggle to put it down each night! Kelle’s blog is pretty cool too).
Life After Life by Kate Atkinson

Worship music or the Frozen Soundtrack. Have also added Bellowhead to this. It was my Dad’s Birthday and I got him two Bellowhead¬†albums – I realised that I hadn’t listened to it in ages.

Baby blanket is still in progress but it is getting there. I think I have about 3 or 4 squares left to crochet and then all fourteen to sew to the main section I have so far.

Feeling a little less meh but did have a cry on Friday. It was only about five tears and I was holding it together until Our Sidekick hugged me. It’s always the hugs that get me!!!

Working on the baby wish list and guest list for my baby shower.

My snuggly warm bed unfortunately it’s a little too warm and snuggly!

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