Middle of Night Posting

Now I’m sure this isn’t good and that I should be sleeping but I’m some how hoping that this post will help calm my brain long enough to sleep.

Blog people out there who may be Reading this (if you’re in America. You have time before bed to read and comment!!!)

If you have kids (aka dinkies) how did you know it was right to start trying for dinkies? Or did dinkie one arrive in the scene and that started the ball rolling?

Me and CJ seem to spend ages skirting round the subject and when we do talk about it I end up in tears feeling rubbish and don’t wanna to get out of bed the following morning in case some one asks me what is up.

So church peeps I am not back sliding if I’m not there in the morning it’s because it’s 2:34am I feel like rubbish and CJ is asleep next to me.

I get that stuff at church atm is uncertain but life is permanently uncertain!!

I am going to try going to sleep and hope that baby filled nightmares don’t attack me.

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