Mission: Fix my Bicycle

Over the Easter Weekend, we went to buy our new tent and I spotted this lovely bicycle. I think I liked the chunky tyres and the funky basket most of all. Then again it’s similar to the Dutch bicycles that I drooled over in Amsterdam a decade ago when we were on our Honeymoon there.

As lovely as it is, what I needed was to repair my existing bicycle. After all it was sitting in the summerhouse at home. It just needed two inner tubes (£12 for two tubes versus £200 for a new bicycle lol)

Bicycle Memories

Back in September 2013, before I found out I was pregnant with Jaxon I was on a health kick. We’d decided that trying for a family was closer than it had been previously. I’d decided that it if I was going to have a healthier pregnancy it would be good to shift some excess weight. As I started to look for a new bike, my friend was selling hers so I was able to purchase her “new to me” bicycle.

I worked about half a mile away from our house which probably isn’t that much for one trip but cycling a mile (or two if I came home at lunchtime too) would soon add up and would all count towards helping.

I think when I bought the bike I had great ideas – I was going to cycle all over the place but once I found out I was pregnant the idea of trying to ride my bicycle to and from work was a bit daunting. I’ve ridden my bicycle through town in the years prior to getting pregnant and twice (on the same day!) had almost got knocked off my bicycle by taxi drivers who opened their doors without looking.

Fixing my Bicycle

Having been to buy the inner tubes last week I was determined to get it sorted out. Then when the sun was shining and it was a lovely warm day on Saturday. I decided it was time to get it sorted. I think Chris had wanted to curl on up on the sofa and relax. Instead I dragged him and Jaxon into the garden to walk me through fixing the bicycle. Some bits were easier than others and at one point I nearly through the wheel across the garden!

A little while later we’d got both wheels sorted out and Chris set about fixing the brake for me. Once it was reasonably ready to go I took it for a ride around the block. The first time I’d been on a bicycle in probably about 4.5 years!

Now just to maybe purchase a child seat for my bicycle and we can go on more adventures. Jaxon is a bit too new to riding his bicycle to be able to keep up with me on adventures.