Monthly Christmas Prep: October

And now it’s time for October’s Christmas Prep post. Did you complete your September tasks?

Monthly Christmas Prep - October

When I mention products, I haven’t been sponsored or paid for these links. They are products that I love and would use myself.

  1. Make family plans. Are there specific relatives you visit over the Christmas season? Make sure you include contacting them in your Christmas prep. Get those visits in the diary before other things get in the way. Also make sure you include booking travel in your Christmas prep.
  2. Shop for cards and wrapping paper. As lovely as the glitter looks when it’s on the roll and in the packaging. Remeber it can malt everywhere! (I have a roll of paper next to my desk that is covered in glitter and I know the second I open it, it will be going everywhere!)
  3. Update your card list. You may have done it when you checked your addresses last month but if not make sure you do it. I also find it’s handy to either write down who we receive cards from as they arrive or when I take them down so I know who to sent to next Christmas.
  4. Bake cakes and other goodies that can be frozen. Rather than running round like a crazy person, before your guests arrive. Bake items in advance that can then be defrosted in the morning or the night before.
  5. Get using that Christmas Planner. Are you using it or have you printed it off and forgotten about it? I suggest these ones from Mrs Brimbles. Check out her Christmas YouTube videos too as there are bonus printables. Another to take a look at is AnniePlansPrintables.

Each month leading up to Christmas there will be another list of tasks to get on with. Some will be little and some will be bigger but they are totally manageable in bite-sized chunks so that you’re not stressed out by the end! You can find all the posts here.