Movies: The Twilight Saga: New Moon

So yesterday evening I went to see New Moon with my Cousin and my Aunt. It was a good girlie night out and I had a great time. I think my cousin realised what a geek I was when I started quoting the speech from Romeo and Juliet in her ear (Eyes look your last, Arms take your last embrace etc etc).

All in all it was good and I did enjoy it. The main disappointments were things like how calm Jane was – I always thought she’d be more erratic or angry (Dakota Fanning looks scarily grown up!), I thought there would be more on how Bella and Jacob’s relationship developed – her feelings seem to change really quickly like one minutes she’s “Edward I love you” then she’s “Jacob I love you”. On the way home me, my cousin and my aunt discussed what had been cut – there was a huge chunk about the stereo that had been cut – wasn’t Bella supposed to rip the stereo out of the car when Edward leaves and then Edward was supposed to find the stereo in a bin liner or something in the bottom of the wardrobe? I also thought there would be more about the dreams – we see Bella waking up and reacting to the dreams but we don’t see what she’s dreaming about – if you hadn’t read the book would you have put two and two together and realised what she’s dreaming about.

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