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Oh I am so excited to share this now! Anna (aka Mrs Brimbles) and I grabbed a coffee last week and chatted about it but I just couldn’t tell anyone! (Actually even Chris and I only just discussed it yesterday evening!)

Mrs Brimbles Design Team

You know when you’re so excited about something you’re not entirely sure which though to put down first. That’s whats happening right now!

I think I discovered Anna’s YouTube channel while making my way through late night feeds with Jaxon or getting used to being at home all day rather than working in an office all day and things like that.

We got to meet in person back in April at Cambs Planner Con last year and she is just as lovely as she appears on her videos. I had a proper fan girl moment at the (icebreaking) meal the night before. I was early and had been sat in the bar bit of the restaurant with my gigantic pint of diet cola. I had my planner on the table so that anyone else arriving could recognise me. It did probably look like when Meg had Pride and Prejudice and a rose in You’ve Got Mail. Mr Brimbles and Anna arrived and waved like crazy lol.

When the opportunity came up to apply for Anna’s Design Team I had no clue whether I’d be good enough. However, I’ve been determined to try stuff on the off chance. Then an email arrived in my inbox – Anna picked me! EEK!

So yeah! Look out for more journalling bits coming your way!

You can see Anna’s announcement post here and the design call here – this tells you all about what the design team do!

You can also read Anna’s tips about applying for a design team here.

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