Music and Books – My Specialist Subjects (I Wish!)

So technically I am working on a bigger post but I wanted to swing by on my Mac shaped vine to post a quick post as the other one is going to take some work and is beginning to mash my brain a little!

I’ve spent alot of the weekend reading! I finished Cross Bones by Kathy Reichs at some point on Friday and since then when I’ve been at home I’ve been reading Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer. When I’ve been out and about I’ve been reading The Gaudi Key The Gaudi Key by Esteban Martin and Andreu Carranza. It’s interesting that Martin is an Anthropologist (just like Kathy Reichs – although she was a forensic antropologist – which is apparently different!). 

When I’ve not been doing them I’ve been trying to clear out my iTunes library – I seemed to have gathered a whole bunch of music that I don’t like or no longer listen to – I have a list written of songs to delete  but some how left it somewhere – I might have to start over again 🙁

My albums at the moment are quite old ones actually (ok at least in the sense that they are a few years old rather than Top 40). For example: at the moment I am listening to Show Me The Real You by Daniel Bedingfield (this is on the album Second First Impression.)

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be half living at the cinema as there are quite a lot of films coming out that I want to see, including the latest Star Trek incarnation (which I happen to be going to see on my own – what a geek!) and Ghosts of Girlfriends Past – Another chick flick – however it’s a adaptation of A Christmas Carol in a sense (for some strange reason I like the story and I guess that gave me the info for my recent post.)

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