My 30 Days – Day 26

My Thirty Days

My 30 Days

Today’s Prompt:

5 pet peeves.

Erm well I don’t know lol.

1. I guess one is the way that if Taxis are behind you they bumper hug you for ages! I slow down to like 25 (in a 30 zone) on purpose because theoretically if they are that close and going slow if I have to brake sharply it should cause less damage.

2. How is it when you are running late for work you get red lights all the way?

3. Does Justin Bieber count? Then again I guess his Mom loves him

4. (I’ll add some more when I think of them :))



  1. Angie says:

    My thing that makes me itch to get some scissors is when people don’t cut the little hanging loops out of clothing and then they peek out from their neckline grrr 😉 Also plastic beakers being stacked without being dried properly, and when the colours aren’t separated in the stack (I know) and washing not hung on the line properly,the water jug in the fridge with the handle facing the WRONG way,people digging into the marg instead of scraping across top,socks pulled up tight when wearing shorts,dishcloths and flannels not wrung out properly,biting into a sandwich to find the butter is so thick you have left a teeth print, others using a pot of hoummus or salsa as a dip with things going into their mouth and back into the pot then putting it back into the fridge ;/ As you can see, I have ‘issues’ lol xxx

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