My Brain Has Too Many Tabs Open…

… 4 of them are frozen and I have no idea where the music is coming from.

I’d like to say this a one off or maybe it just happens when I’m overwhelmed but some days it’s the norm and somedays it involves falling down rabbit holes. It also probably doesn’t help that my desk often resembles this squiggly mess too.

This picture is actually too calm for the way that my brain feels some days. At this moment, if I close my eyes and “focus” (haha!), I have Rend Collective’s version of Hark The Herald Angels Sing playing but just the hook (maybe it’s a glockenspiel or xylophone and why would I even need to know that?). There’s then how I need to finish the Christmas present that is next to me (or at least get it past the increases so that it’s just around and around until the end). But there’s at least one sock on my desk too – it’s just past the heel turn so I want to carry on going and get to the end. But what’s this in front of me on my notebook, oh yeah I fell down a hole. In my husband’s family, there’s a “connection” to Admiral Byng (he was an Admiral in the British Navy but was court-marshalled and then executed for failing to “do his utmost”. He was given orders that his ship and some others had to go and take part in a battle but he chose to ignore this order, this meant that he saved all the crew from what was a massive disaster but because he’d disobeyed his orders he was court-marshalled and so on. But what’s that got to do with Chris’s family…. well somewhere along the line, his family are some how related to Admiral Byng. I’ve been trying to do my WDYTYA bit and figure out the link but as you can imagine 400+ years of history combined with no idea where to really go means it’s taking a while lol. (Thankfully in a way a lot of Byng’s family are pretty high up MPs or Earls/Dukes/other and so there is information about them which is at least giving a rough idea although I’m never 100% how correct it is. I almost hope that somewhere along the line I’ll hit a name I know or something but it’s probably like aiming at a dart board while blindfolded and facing the wrong way lol.

Anyway, so now I’ve spend 10-15 minutes writing a blog post about how my brain is a scrambled mess because I can’t keep on one task right now… Oh! Squirrel! (Anyone else love UP?)