My Collection of Links…Pt1

I seem to be a collector of links – I scribble them down and mean to go back to them later and then for one or another reason I don’t make it back. I went through my notebook and labelled every URL with a pink post it note so I could see how many I had and collate them all into one post (oh look this is that post hehe). First up is the most recent addition to my collection of links.

I read here on Search 4 Serendipity about another artist (Laura @ Violet Bella’s World) who has had their worked copied by someone else out there. I often read on Handmade Love how she’s been contacted by her readers with information about where her work has been copied – it’s not fair. The first artist puts all that work in only to have it copied by someone else. Now I admit I’ll try and draw “in the style of” but if I post it on here or on Flickr I will ALWAYS put a link that says “Adapted from…..” or at least a link where to find that original artist – and I’d never sell those drawings or doodles on – they are just for my personal practice.

When I was at university I did a module called Dance on Film so I got to watch films like Singin’ In The Rain, Moulin Rouge, Carousel – pretty much any musical that had dancing in it. (Except Rocky Horror that didn’t make it to the list lol). One of my favourites was Singin’ in The Rain – I found this link on Yes and Yes today – you know if you wanted to decorate your living room like the one from the film. (As much as I love the song Good Morning I think Make ‘Em Laugh wins)

Singin' in the Rain

I also found cute thing while looking for the above image – how adorable is it!

Singin' in the Rain Bot

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